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Delhi Govt. Decides to Set up 100 Rooms at Ashoka Hotel for Judges and their Families suffering from COVID-19 [READ ORDER]

Rooms Booked for Judges and their Families

On the order of the Delhi high court, the Delhi government has decided to use 100 beds of Ashoka hotel, New Delhi for the establishment of covid health facilities for justices, other judicial officers, and their family members.

This order is issued by Incident Commander/SDM, Sub-Division Chanakyapuri, Geet Grover on Sunday (April 25, 2021).

A petition was earlier filed by Shobha Gupta and Ors, who is a registered advocate with the bar council of India, stating that because of the nature of work in the court, judges are unable to follow covid norms and are exposed to the virus. Therefore, there is a need to treat official workers as frontline workers and provide government/ private covid hospitals for their treatment.

Further, the Chief Justice of India agreed with the message sent by SCAORA Secretary Dr. Joseph Aristotle in which it was stated that there should be proper management of medical facilities such as beds for patients, RT-PCR test, vaccination, etc.

Considering the health of judicial officers and their family members, the Delhi government decided that the hospital will be used for covid health facility and issued the following guidelines:

  • The hospital will be responsible for the disposal of biochemical waste.
  • The staff of the hotel will be given all protective equipment and basic training.
  • For transfer, facility ambulances will be given by the primus hospitals.
  • In case of shortage of hotel staff, same will be given by hospitals.
  • All services comprising room cleaning, disinfection, and food for patients will be given by hotel staff.
  • All payments will be made by the hospital itself.
  • The primus hospital will serve all their doctors, nurses, and other staff at their own cost after considering the rates mutually.

Considering the hike of coronavirus cases in Delhi, Chief Minister Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has decided to increase the period of lockdown till May 3, 2021. 

Further noticing that people below the age of 18 are also getting impacted by the pandemic, CM of Delhi stated that efforts ought to be made for the vaccination of people below the age of 18.




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