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SC E-Committee Gives Online Training to Over 1.6 Lakh Lawyers, Judges, And Court Staffers During Pandemic Period

SC E-Committee Gives Online Training to Over 1.6 Lakh Lawyers, Judges, And Court Staffers During Pandemic Period
During the pandemic period, i.e. from May 2020 to December 2020, the Supreme Court e-Committee, conducted 19 online E-Committee Training (ECT)/awareness programme, wherein 167735 participants were trained. The programme was conducted under the guidance of Justice Dhananjaya Y Chandrachud.

A press release to this effect has been issued by the SC e-Committee, which further states that the participants of the programme included Advocates, High Court Judges, Judges of District Judiciary, Court Staff, Master Trainers among Judges/DSAs, Technical Staff of High Court.

The highlights of the training programme:

  • A Nationwide Court staff training has been covered by the programme, wherein one staff from each court throughout the country and technical staff trained 69862 people in total. The entire court staff training was carried as per the e-committee training TOT module with the inhouse DSA master trainers among staffs as the trainers.
  • During the pandemic four Webinars were conducted for the Advocates by the e-committee in coordination with the Bar associations of various states like Maharashtra, Delhi, Tamil Nadu which reached a total of 96775 views.
  • The e-committee training programme also reached out to the HC Judges through the workshop on NJDG as Court and case management tool for High court Judges in coordination with the Madhya Pradesh High court and Patna high court.

  • Advocate Master trainer programme was also conducted. The member (Human resources) of e-committee Ms. R. Arulmozhiselvi stated that for the year 2021, as per the directions of the Chairperson of e-committee, nearly 5000 advocate Master trainers would be trained and through them, the e-courts related training and awareness programme aims to reach all the Advocates from High court bar association to the District and taluk Bar association before May 2021.
It is to be noted that the Supreme Court e-Committee is the governing body, which is charged with overseeing the e-Courts Project conceptualized under the “National Policy and Action Plan for Implementation of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the Indian Judiciary-2005.”


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