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Supreme Court issues additional guidelines for court staff and advocates, makes RT-PCR test mandatory if showing symptoms

Supreme Court RTPCR Covid Test
The Apex Court on Tuesday 13th April 2021 directed additional guidelines in view of growing concerns amidst the increasing number of COVID-19 cases and to curb the spread of infection In the Supreme Court premises. 

The directions given on this matter read this:

“All the entrants to the Supreme Court premises including the registry staff, staff of the coordinate agencies advocates on this Staffs it’s etc. if showing any symptoms similar to those notified for COVID-19 infection shall subject themselves to rapid RT-PCR test.”

It was also directed that the controlling officers are in charge to ensure that the staff in the promises wear masks, maintains physical distancing and frequently sanitise or wash hands and follow the prescribed Covid appropriate behaviour. 

These guidelines are in addition to the existing protocols that were already being followed and were issued by the registry of the Supreme Court.

Following are the guidelines further issued:

  • The persons with notified symptoms of COVID-19 shall restrict themselves from coming to the premises or isolate themselves immediately and seek medical advice.
  • Activities like crowding, loitering and movement in common areas should be avoided, and only be carried out if for a specific purpose and must be completed within minimum time.
  • Only three persons shall use the lift at a time and it shall be used for the purpose of going upward only and stairs should be used for coming downstairs.


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