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Common sense approach to eliminate/minimize COVID-19 outbreak in your family

By Adv. Vijay Sardana      May 01, 2021      0 Comments      2,037 Views

To all my well wishers and fellow citizens,

Hope you are health and safe, if not, all will be normal soon.

The new wave of infections is hurting all family members in one go. Virus is not emotional in nature, it is ruthless infection, hence we have to handle it accordingly.

My humble request :

  1. Pl. Get you family vaccinated immediately, means today itself, if possible, if not done till now.
  2. Ask 100% of your staff to go for vaccination with their families, if required pay from staff welfare fund but get it done. Any one case is enough to put your whole Organisation at risk. Your activities at risk.
  3. if you cannot stop movement of people from outsides into your house like drivers maids, helpers, etc. then all members of Families at homes also must wear mask, even when inside house as well.  Virus will not take permission from the Boss to enter or raid your house. Virus is waiting a small opening to hit any member of the family. Rest he or she will spread to other members.
  4. Keep senior citizens and other people with health issues in rooms which have the isolated in location means which can be in away and in isolation. May be other floors of houses, if possible.
  5. Vaccine will help, but virus can mutate, so prevention is better than cure.
  6. Ensure diet which helps in immunity boosting in body. Both Veg. & non.veg option exist.
  7. Mask, hand washing and social distancing is now part of life, even after covid Pl. Maintain it. You are safe, but you are not sure about the other person. He can be at risk.
  8. Virus has two entry points. Mouth and nose. Clean them frequently with water and hot water gargling. Time Gap should not be more than 4 hours.

These are my common sense views, you may share with all friends and staff for their welfare.

  • Pl. Also consult experts, if medical help is required. My request is "prevention is better than cure (provided it exist) ".
  • Please share with your all staff members, in the language they understand.
  • Pl. Stay safe and stay healthy. You family needs, no set arguments and justifications will convince virus and its behaviour.


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