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Google Signs Copyright Agreement with Six French Newspapers

By Parul Singhal      23 November, 2020 01:56 PM      0 Comments

Google has signed copyright agreements with six French newspapers and magazines, including the national newspaper Le Monde and Le Figaro US Tech Company said in a blog post on Thursday (19th November, 2020). 

The worlds largest search engines initially opposed the idea of paying publishers for content, paying their websites benefitted from more traffic sought brought by Google. 

The announcement is a multi-month negotiation between Google, French publishers and news agencies on how to apply the revised EU copyright rules, allowing them to change an online platform for displaying news excerpts. 

The tech giant said it was in talks with other French national and regional daily newspaper and magazine aiming to reach a framework agreement with countrys press lobby by the end of the year. 

The Google statement came a month after a court ruling ordered a US company to begin negotiations with a French publisher on content royalties.

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