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Should legislators enjoy immunity from prosecution for accepting bribe for votes?

The Supreme Court on Wednesday referred to a seven-judge bench to reconsider its 1998 judgement in the P V Narasimha Rao case, infamously known as 1993 JMM bribery case, granting immunity to MPs/MLAs from prosecution even if they accepted bribery and voted inside the House or asked a question in a particular manner.

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PM Modi's First Speech in new Parliament


Did Centre overspend on hosting G20 Summit?

The commitment to name the country India is not a recent one, but exactly 74 years ago, on September 18, 1949, constitutional experts discussed it.

However, it was not possible then. But now, when the Modi government has called a special session on the same September 18, questions are arising: Will the changes that couldn't happen in history back...

Bharat vs. India: Understanding their Political and Constitutional meaning. Watch insights shared by Adv. Vijay Sardana.

What's in the name?, The political uproar over India vs Bharat is still continued as the term “President of Bharat” has been used for the first time in an official invite for a banquet hosted by ...

High Court Prohibits Compulsion of Hijab and Islamic Texts on Students of Different Faiths at Ganga Jamuna School [Watch Video]

Madhya Pradesh High Court's decision regarding Ganga Jamuna School: Principal and teacher prohibited from enforcing 'hijab' on students of Hindu and Jain faiths. Learn about the court's directives and...

Fact-Check of Mohammad Zubair's Fact-Check || PM Modi BRICS Summit 2023 Visit

Mohammed Zubair, A propagandist 'fact-checker, retweeted a tweet on Prime Minister Narendra Modi falsely stating that "PM Modi threw tantrums and refused to get off his plane" Because the South Africa...

Uniform Citizen Code: A Game Changer. Is an amendment in constitution imminent ? Watch special report || Vakeel Saab

After the repeal of three British colonial laws, there is now the potential for another amendment to the country's constitution. If this legislation is passed, it has the potential to impact the citiz...

Is there a hidden agenda being pursued in classes to create a vote bank? Unacademy Row Watch Report || Karan Sangwan

Was the teacher Karan Sangwan removed from Unacademy only because he asked students to vote for educated leaders, or is the entire issue being blown out of proportion by focusing on just one part of t...

Supreme Court Handbook Combating Gender Stereotypes Explained !

In courts, lawyers and judges will now have to carefully choose their words when speaking about women, as the Chief Justice of India (CJI) DY Chandrachud has issued a formal list alerting everyone tha...

Why was a Cyber Police Station Set Ablaze Amid Communal Violence in Nuh ? Crucial Evidence Lost Forever!

During the violence in Nuh, what was the motive behind torching the Cyber Police Post, and why have all the pieces of evidence linked to cyber criminals now turned to ashes? How can the government kee...

Centre to overhaul British-era IPC, CrPC, Evidence Act

Union Home Minister Amit Shah tabled three Bills to repeal the 163-year-old Indian Penal Code, 126-year-old Criminal Procedure Code and 151-year-old Indian Evidence Act, which he said would free the l...

PM Modi Set to Address Parliament on No-Confidence Motion Amidst Anticipation !

Along with the opposition, today the entire country is eagerly awaiting to hear the Prime Minister. This evening, PM Modi will present his views on the no-confidence motion in the Parliament. Five yea...




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