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Kannadigas Irked with Google Search Result for ‘Ugliest Language in India’

By Prachi Jain      Jun 08, 2021      0 Comments      1,568 Views
Ugliest Language in India

Many Kannadigas are not pleased with Google, when they came to realize that the search for the ugliest language in India was showing the answer a Kannada on June 3rd 2021. With several Kannadigas, including political representatives and activists, taking objection, the search results for the same query are now filled with these protests and related news stories. 

Google’s search result yo “What is the ugliest language in India?" is Kannada, a language spoken by around 40 million people in South India.”

Taking to the search result, Bengaluru Central Member of Parliament from BJP, PC Mohan has demanded an apology from Google India. Aam Aadmi Party leader Mukund Gowda, has written to Google India asking them to take down the search result and take action against those responsible for the result.

The answer seems to have been picked up verbatim from a page on a website named deptconsolidationsquad.com, which also appears prominently among the search results for the phrase. Although the page now shows up 429 errors response (too many requests), it earlier featured a list of 15 questions and answers related to languages, which included easiest language in India and most beautiful language in India.

Objecting to the search result, BJP MP PC Mohan wrote, “Home to the great Vijayangara Empire, #Kannada language has a rich heritage, a glorious legacy and a unique culture. One of the world’s oldest languages Kannada had great scholars who wrote epics much before Geoffrey Chaucer was born in the 14th century. Apologize @GoogleIndia."

Similarly, Vice President Sanjay Gupta, Mukund Gowda, president of AAP Youth Wing wrote, “Google is throwing a very hasty search result about Kannada. It shows the ugliest language in India is Kannada. In fact, all the languages in India are great and we owe love and respect to our language. Have written to Google to quickly correct this.” 

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