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'Never Claimed Coronil Cures COVID-19' Says Acharya Balkrishna, CEO Of Patanjali

'Never Claimed Coronil Cures COVID-19' Says Acharya Balkrishna, CEO Of Patanjali
Acharya Balkrishna, Patanjali's Chief Executive who was suggesting a cure for COVID last week, reported on Tuesday, 31st July 2020, that the firm had never indicated that its newly tested medicines would treat coronavirus.

This reeks of a conspiracy, the company's chief executive told reporters after Uttarakhand's drug regulatory body responded to notices. At least one FIR was filed which accused the company of making false claims. The Uttarakhand High Court also released a notice on Tuesday, 31st July 2020, to the Center on a petition about the company's claims.

Balkrishna said the company had never claimed to have made COVID a medication to heal him.

“We cited Coronil as ayurvedic medicine for immunity boosting, fever, cough, and allergic problems,” Balkrishna said. He insisted that the company had only pointed out that the clinical trials indicated that Covid-19 patients, when given this medicine, got cured.

“Only results of clinical trial based curing of positive patients were claimed by us,” he said.

Balkrishna 's effort to distance himself from the claim and perception is contrary to his timeline on Twitter, where he had reported news and congratulatory messages for discovering a medicine that could cure Covid-19. Or the many declarations he and Baba Ramdev made over the last fortnight.

Earlier, during a press conference, Prominent Yoga Guru Swami Ramdev had made several statements that came to light, some of the compiled statements or Highlights are as follows;

  1. We have solved our differences with the Ayush Ministry and all three medicines including Coronil will now be available in the market: Swami Ramdev
  2. There is no metal found in these medicines: Swami Ramdev
  3. With the help of our research, we have cured hepatitis, we have cured asthma: Swami Ramdev
  4. Ayush Ministry has used the term 'COVID management' for our medicine and not 'COVID treatment': Swami Ramdev
  5. We have proven that BP can be cured by Yoga, despite the modern sciences claiming it is not possible: Swami Ramdev
  6. The registration process is different and research process is different, we abided by both: Swami Ramdev
  7. Whatever protocols have been set by modern medical science, according to them, we have made Coronil with use of Ashwagandha, Giloy, Tulsi: Swami Ramdev
  8. We have even published an international research paper: Swami Ramdev
  9. Our work will continue and we plan to take our research a long way: Swami Ramdev
  10. We have a team of 500 scientists to work day and night to work on the cure of many diseases by Ayurvedic means: Swami Ramdev
  11. We have followed all the protocols. These protocols were not set by Swami Ramdev or Patanjali but by modern medical sciences: Swami Ramdev
  12. We have found that our trials were able to control the factors that lead to a person's conditioning worsening due to coronavirus: Swami Ramdev
  13. The trial carried out by Patanjali found that in three days 69% and in 7 days 100% of patients suffering from COVID-19 tested negative: Swami Ramdev
  14. Ayush Ministry has accepted that the step taken by Patanjali is in the right direction: Swami Ramdev
  15. If you have a difference of opinion with me or Acharya Balakrishnan, criticize us. But, at least have a soft heart towards people who are suffering from coronavirus, diabetes, cancer and other such diseases: Swami Ramdev
  16. Me and Acharya Balakrishnan come from a humble background: Swami Ramdev
  17. Swami Ramdev would go to jail, they said: Swami Ramdev
  18. A lot has been speculated about Patanjali in the last few days. I was personally attacked by people. They said Patanjali had failed, taken a U-turn: Swami Ramdev
Moreover, in the light of recent events, Patanjali has taken a firm stance on the uses and appliances of its wide range of products with respect to the Covid-19 pandemic disease. 


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