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Zerodha will not send work-related messages to staff post 6 pm and on holidays, says CEO Nithin Kamath

By Snehal Khemka      May 10, 2021      0 Comments
Zerodha will not send work-related messages

Taking cognizance of employees’ health during Work From Home (WFH) due to the ongoing Covid pandemic, Zerodha has decided that it would no longer send work-related messages to staff post 6 PM. Founder and CEO of Zerodha Nithin Kamath has announced the decision on his Twitter handle. 

The new initiative by Zerodha for its employees has been taken to reduce the ‘feeling of burnt out and brain fried’ as a majority of the employees work from home under the prevailing situation of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"At Zerodha, we have just killed all work-related chats post 6 pm & holidays. Also trying to get as many conversations to be asynchronous, moving them from chat to our internal instance of @discourse. Curious to see if this helps reduce the feeling of burnt out & brain fried," Kamath said in a tweet.

Additionally, Zerodha had asked all its 1200 employees in March 2020 to work from home after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in India. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the topics at the forefront of the discussion has been regarding maintaining employee productivity by improving their mental wellbeing as most of the employees across the companies were forced to work from home due to lockdown.

Kamath said in his tweet that he was curious of establishing a better line of separation between work and the rest of life would help with the feelings of burnout and content mental fatigue. Furthermore, he also mentioned the hidden dangers of multitasking, citing its impact on productivity and even brain damage.

Kamath is not new to floating new and innovative ideas or at least adapting them when others seem hesitant. Last month, he suggested that many of India's large infrastructural problems may be solved by distributing the population away from large urban centres, easing the strain on collapsing systems, furthermore contending that our disruptive pricing models and in-house technology have made us the biggest stock broker in India in terms of active retail clients.

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