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Gujarat High Court May Stay Promo Of Salman Khan’s Movie ‘Loveratri’.

Gujarat High Court May Stay Promo Of Salman Khan’s Movie ‘Loveratri’.

The Gujarat High Court on September 19, 2018, said that it may stay the promotion of the upcoming movie by Salman Khan Films Production, ‘Loveratri’, if it finds anything objectionable.

A Bench of Chief Justice R S Reddy and Justice V M Pancholi asked the production house to submit all the promotional material of the movie for viewing, and sought clarification from the production house on the change in the name of the film from ‘Loveratri’ to ‘Loveyatri’ and posted further hearing on the matter on Thursday.

The matter came up before the Bench in a PIL filed by one Sanatan Foundation objecting to the film’s release with a complaint that the film’s title hurts religious sentiments of the Hindu community because it distorts the famous Hindu festival of ‘Navratri’ and is derogatory to all women.

Further, the PIL has also pointed to the timing of the film release, which is around the Navratri festival. “In the name of artistic freedom, these types of filmmakers opt for controversial contents just to get negative publicity and just to make their films famous rather than adding positive creativity. Therefore, the movie in question should be stopped from being released,” the petition reads.

The film which is set to release on October 5, 2018, is yet to get a censor certificate.


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