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Accused Granted Bail After Being in Jail for 2 Years on Charges of Cruelty & Dowry Death

Accused Granted Bail After Being in Jail for 2 Years on Charges of Cruelty & Dowry Death
Pradeep Drall, an accused was recently granted bail after he spent 2 years in jail custody. Charges of cruelty and dowry death were pressed on him after his wife committed suicide in April end, 2019. He had been arrested soon after. 

Advocate Ravi Drall represented him in the court of Justice Vishal Singh, Tis Hazari Courts

Mr Ravi submitted before the court of law that there was no complaint against his client that he treated his wife with cruelty for dowry since their wedding in 2017. He also stated that his Deceased Wife had created a fake Facebook profile that she used to talk to a person named Taqdir Dalal. He claimed that she was having an extra martial affair with him. He furnished proofs for the same. 

He further argued for the accused that he had been granted interim bail in December, 2020 on the ground that he is a known case of Chronic Bronchial Asthma, Pulmonary Tuberculosis, lower backache, sleep disorder and Lumber Spondylitis. He had also had various bouts of breathlessness in the judicial custody along with having to visit the jail hospital numerous times. Additionally, he has the responsibility of his aged and ailing parents. 

These submissions were countered by Additional Public Prosecutor, Jitendra Sharma. He said that his Accused cannot be granted bail owing to the grave charges pressed on him. Along with this, the relatives of the Deceased have also recorded statements in furtherance of the cruelty and dowry demands. He also said that the allegations of extra marital affair of the Deceased are not supposed to be in consideration for the stage of bail. 

Justice Singh considered all the facts and circumstances of the case and agreed that of course the relatives of the Deceased had recorded statements against the Accused and the allegation of extra marital affair is a matter of trial. However, the Accused had spent 2 years in judicial custody, also taking account of his fragile medical condition and responsibility of aged parents. 

He thereby granted bail to the Accused on furnishing a bail bond of sum of Rs 25, 000 along with one surety of like amount. 


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