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Hardened Criminals Caught With Arms And Ammo

Hardened Criminals Caught With Arms And Ammo

The district police have busted a gang dealing in firearms and arrested three dreaded gangsters and recovered from them 4 sophisticated pistols, 7 country made pistols, 4 magazines and 52 live cartridges. Those arrested have been identified as Aslam 36, the prime accused, Sukhwinder Singh alias Soby 30 and Rupesh Sharma alias Bunty Gurjar 34.

The Uttar Pradesh based gang used to supply firearms in various parts of Delhi, UP, MP and Bihar.

The staff of PS Laxmi Nagar had been keeping tabs on the criminals of this nature in the area and around.

Acting on a tip-off about the said gang of gun-runners active in the area. The gang dealt in supplying of illegal sophisticated fire arms, including pistols, magazines and bullets in the entire northern regions of India.

When the lead was developed, it revealed that one Aslam is the main supplier of these firearms and actively involved in selling weapons to various criminals and local goons of Uttar Pradesh and Delhi.

The pro-active team of PS Laxmi Nagar comprising SI Satish, ASI Bhopal Singh, ASI Sunil Kumar and others was constituted led by SHO PS Laxmi Nagar Inspector Ashok Sharma under the adequately close supervision of ACP sub-division Preet Vihar  Rohit Rajbir Singh. Sensing the gravity of the matter, Singh stepped up the efforts and increased surveillance. A secret information reviewed that an infamous gun-runner Aslam from Ghazipur District UP received a consignment of illegal firearms and would further deliver that to local criminals.

"The police team readied themselves and laid a trap at a point in Laxmi Nagar, the sleuths spotted one person coming from Naala Road side, carrying a bag. The informer confirmed him that he was Aslam. Then arrived two more persons who joined Aslam and received pistols from him.

4 sophisticated pistols, 7 country made pistols, 4 magazines and 52 live cartridges recovered from 3 Gangsters
 4 sophisticated pistols, 7 country made pistols, 4 magazines and 52 live cartridges recovered from 3 Gangsters

Without any further delay, the cops caught all the three persons. The police found upon them, when searched, 3 semi-automatic loaded pistols with magazines. The police recovered 8 more pistols and 42 live cartridges from the bag they carried." District police chief Jasmeet Singh averred.

Aslam said to be the kingpin has confessed to the crime.

Aslam with a criminal past has been a jailbird. After he was out of JC, he remained jobless. He came in contact with one firearm manufacturer from Bihar's Munger, a place earned notoriety for making and supplying 'Indian pistols' and started supplying guns to local criminals on a commission basis.

"Basically Aslam, an illiterate used to sell fruits and he wanted to make a fast buck for that he took to crime of this format. He was involved in 7 other cases of robbery and Arms Act. More arrests are likely in the case.

The case has been registered and further probe is underway," DCP Singh concluded saying.

The other two accused, school dropouts nurtured the same ambition to get rich quickly this dream introduced the duo to the crime.

All the three accused have been booked under Sections 25, 54 and 59 of the Arms Act, 1959.


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