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‘Modi, hope our knife reaches your neck as well’: Hindu Shopkeeper Beheaded By Two Muslim Men For Supporting Nupur Sharma

By Shashwata Sahu      Jun 28, 2022      0 Comments      9,881 Views
Hindu Shopkeeper Beheaded By Two Muslim Men For Supporting Nupur Sharma

Kanhaiyya Lal, a Hindu, was killed by two Muslim males in Udaipur, Rajasthan, on Tuesday afternoon because of his post supporting former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma. According to the videos that have emerged, the two men pretended to be customers before grabbing the tailor's head with a knife.

It has been discovered that the horrifying crime that has emerged in the wake of the Nupur Sharma controversy occurred close to the Bhoot Mahal on Maldas Street in Udaipur. The victim, a tailor and the proprietor of Supreme Tailors, was murdered in broad daylight amid the uproar on the nearby road. After the outraged local business owners complained about the cruel act, the Udaipur Police arrived on the scene.

One Muslim man entered the victim's shop as a customer in the video posted by Delhi BJP politician Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga, while the other man was possibly recording the incident. The two Muslim men grabbed the tailor’s neck and attacked him from behind as he measured the man's frame. The victim then begged the man to stop hitting the tailor as he continued to do so.

The victim could be heard screaming and sobbing as he was being beheaded by the men with a raw knife in the later part of the video. Blood dripped from the tailor's body, which was lying outside of his store and wrapped in plastic.

Another video showed the attackers, one of whom identified himself as Mohammed Riyaz Akhatari and the other as Mohammed, claiming responsibility for their actions in the name of Allah. "We have chopped off the head from the one from Udaipur. Oh, Allah, we will live for you and die for you."

"Oh Narendra Modi, listen, you’ve started the fire and we will extinguish it. I hope this knife reaches your neck as well, Inshallah. Oh, the people of Udaipur, chant, Gustakh e Rasool ki Sazah, Sar tan see Juda (The one who insults Allah has the only Punishment, which is the separation of the head from the body)."

The threats made by the Islamists have scared city residents, even though the Udaipur Police have initiated an investigation to find them. Besides this, their calls for the PM's death and posts defending their actions have disturbed the law and order situation in the state of Rajasthan.


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