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[COVID-19]: Two brothers nabbed for manufacturing fake sanitizers in Pataudi

By Aarya Mishra      01 May, 2020 08:54 PM      0 Comments
[COVID-19]: Two brothers nabbed for manufacturing fake sanitizers in Pataudi

Wednesday, April 29,2020: The Drug Department in Gurugram identified a Sanitizer manufacturing unit that was being run illegally in Pataudi. Two accused were nabbed in the matter for selling the fake commodity in violation of laws.

In response to the increasing demand for sanitizers amid the pandemic, the two accused named Sunder and Sandeep decided to produce the commodity in their homes without any certification. The duo was caught churning fake sanitizers in drums and pans in their washroom and are claimed have earned Rs.18 lakhs to date from its sale.

The accused brought their plan to fruition after arranging for forged certification from the United Kingdom and stamping the documents with the World Health Organizations symbol to fool buyers. They have confirmed to selling hundreds of liters of fake sanitizers to date.

According to Drug Controller - Amandeep Chauhan, the brothers were caught in a raid after a tip-off- We had gone to investigate the complaint that a hand sanitizer by the brand name Bancy Advanced Instant Hand Sanitizer is being sold in the market and was illegally manufactured from unlicensed premises in village Pataudi. The duo was operating from a house and identified themselves as directors of M/S Jedar Industries Private Limited. We found a huge quantity of hand sanitizers in two rooms. They had no valid manufacturing license number and sale-purchase records, he said, while further adding The inspection revealed that the duo manufactured the hand sanitizer by mixing ingredients in regular kitchen containers in unhygienic conditions near a washroom with flies and mosquitoes hovering around. They could not even tell from where they were getting water. We have registered a FIR. The said FIR also mentioned that the forged certificates and documentation were procured from Delhi for Rs 40,000.


After being nabbed, the brothers were booked under sections of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act and Disaster Management Act. The fake sanitizer falls under the category of Misbranded and Adulterated drugs under section 16 and 17A of Drugs and Cosmetic Act and its sale is, therefore, illegal and punishable. 

Since the nationwide lockdown has been imposed, several such instances of people selling, manufacturing and distributing fake sanitizers have come to the fore. Similar occurrences have been reported in places like Pune, Noida, Hyderabad, wherein illegal stocks worth lakhs along have been captured.

To curb such malpractices and streamline the supply and sale of sanitizers and protective gear, the government has urged liquor manufacturers and distilleries to prioritize the supply of Ethyl Alcohol, Extra Neutral Alcohol, and Ethanol. 

It has also brought production, quality, distribution, and prices of alcohol used in the manufacturing of hand sanitizers under the purview of the Essential Commodities Act till June 2020, with the help of a notification dated March 19, 2020.

The state government in collaboration with the police is further engaged intensely in busting illegal manufacturing units who are willing to put the health and safety of the public on stake by selling fake sanitizers.

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