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Conference on Statutory Compliances in Healthcare to Advocate Ethical Practices and Patient Safety [Register Now]

By LAWSTREET NEWS NETWORK      Aug 02, 2023      0 Comments      304 Views
Conference on Statutory Compliances in Healthcare to Advocate Ethical Practices and Patient Safety [Register Now]

New Delhi: The healthcare sector in India is subject to a myriad of laws, regulations, and statutory requirements aimed at ensuring the quality, safety, and ethics of healthcare services. Such compliance is crucial in this sector to maintain the highest standards of patient care, protect the rights of patients, and promote transparency and accountability.

The "Statutory Compliances in Healthcare" conference is all set to be held on August 05, 2023 at India International Centre (Annexe). The event aims to bring together healthcare professionals, policymakers, legal experts, and industry stakeholders to address critical aspects of compliance within the healthcare sector. The conference aims to create awareness about the evolving regulatory landscape and the importance of adhering to the latest statutory requirements, laws, and guidelines in healthcare practices.

The event will be inaugurated by esteemed guests, including Hon’ble Dr. S.M. Kantikar – Former Member, NCDRC, Mr. Sukumar Pattjoshi, Senior Advocate and Vice President, SCBA, Dr. Sunil Kr. Saggar- CEO, Shanti Mukand Hospital, and Mr. Girish Tyagi, Registrar, Delhi Medical Council, who will light the lamp and felicitate the occasion.

The Founder of MB Associates, Ms. Mansi Bajaj, an esteemed advocate, will deliver the keynote address, emphasizing the significance of compliance in ethical healthcare practices. She will emphasise on the pressing need to view compliance as a guiding light, ensuring patient safety, data security, and ethical practices within the healthcare ecosystem.

Renowned speakers and experts will share valuable insights and knowledge. The topics to be covered during the event include an overview of statutory compliances in healthcare, digital health regulations in India, sustainable solutions for biomedical waste planning and management, and the role of safety-related compliances in healthcare.

Dr. Sunil Khetarpal, Director, Association of Healthcare Providers (India)(AHPI), will shed light on the emerging digital health regulations in the country, providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of this critical area. Ms. Ajeeta Agrawal from the Delhi Pollution Control Committee will discuss sustainable solutions for effective biomedical waste planning and management, contributing to the promotion of environmentally friendly healthcare practices.

Mr. D.P. Tyagi, Chief Security Officer at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre, will highlight the pivotal role of safety-related compliances in healthcare, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding both patients and healthcare professionals.

Dr. Sippy Malhotra, CEO of Holistic Healthcare Solutions, will address the implementation of the PCPNDT Act, focusing on the issues and challenges faced by healthcare providers in adhering to this important legislation.

The event will also cover HR compliances, with Ms. Rekha Sharma, Senior Manager, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre, providing insights into the alignment of people and policies, essential for fostering a compliant and ethical work environment.

The conference will conclude with an engaging panel discussion, where esteemed panelists, including Dr. Satyajit Kumar, State Program Officer, GNCT Delhi (PNPNDT, Surrogacy & ART), Ms. Ajeeta Agrawal, SEE, Delhi Pollution Control Committee, Dr. G.C. Mishra, IFE (I), and Ms. Poonam Das, Advocate, will share their expertise and answer queries from the audience.

The conference organizers express their excitement and anticipation for the upcoming event and extend a warm invitation to all interested participants. They believe that the "Statutory Compliances in Healthcare" conference will serve as a vital platform for collective learning, collaboration, and strengthening the compliance framework within the healthcare industry. By fostering a culture of compliance and integrity, healthcare professionals will be better equipped to deliver quality care while safeguarding the rights and well-being of patients.

The healthcare sector is subject to various laws and regulations to safeguard patients' rights, maintain data privacy, and prevent malpractices. Compliance with these laws helps healthcare organizations avoid legal issues and potential liabilities. To discover the latest regulations and the best practices to ensure patient safety, data privacy, and ethical standards, register now to attend this one of a kind conference!


Organiser - Advocate Mansi Bajaj’s view: 

"Compliance is the heartbeat of ethical: healthcare. Just as a beating heart sustains life, adhering to statutory compliances preserves the integrity and trust within the healthcare ecosystem. Embrace compliance not as a burden, but as a guiding light that ensures patient safety, data security, and ethical practices.

Compliance is the cornerstone of ethical and responsible healthcare practices, ensuring patient safety, data privacy, and quality care delivery. Throughout this event, we aim to foster an environment of knowledge-sharing, collaborative learning, and problem-solving. Together, we shall explore the latest regulatory developments, challenges, and best practices to fortify our institutions against legal non-compliance. Let us risks and seize this opportunity to create a robust compliance framework, championing integrity and elevating the standard of healthcare for all.

Let it be a daily reminder that every action impacts lives, no matter how small. Today, let us renew our commitment to staying informed, adapting to regulations, and upholding the highest standards of healthcare. In doing so, we foster a healthier world, where compassion and compliance walk hand in hand."


[Registration Link] 

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