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Bills passed for the formation of the National Commission for Indian Medicine System, Homoeopathy

By Lawstreet News Network      Sep 15, 2020      0 Comments
National Commission for Indian Medicine System

On Monday (September 14, 2020) giving priorities to one of the major issues regarding the Indian Medicine System, Homoeopathy. Parliament took the initiative by giving recognition passed the bill for the formation of the National Commission of Indian Medicine System and Homoeopathy. 

The Lok Sabha lower house of Parliament today passed two bills together for the ease of access to high-quality medical professionals with both homeopathic treatment and as well as in Indian Medicine System. Bills named as 1. National Commission for Homoeopathy Bill, 2019 and 2. National Commission for India System of Medicine Bill 2019 were earlier passed by the Upper House of Parliament Rajya Sabha on the 19th day of March this year, during the Budget Session this year. 

Due to the Pandemic, it was set that both the houses will only work for four hours a day in Monsoon Session i.e this session. By taking this into consideration both the bills were discussed and passed within half an hour with citing insufficiency of time. 

Respected Member of Parliament Mr. Shashi Tharoor starting from the criticism of the present government said that the committee had recommended that an Appellate Tribunal should be created to hear all appeals from the decision of the two commissions. By incorporating suggestions of the standing committee, he said the government bill stipulates that all bills lie before the Central government. 

TMC leader Pratima Mondal by presenting her negative views for the bill and questioning the transparency in the election of members suggested that the members should be elected from various states. Several other members also opposed the bill on the face of non- inclusion of yoga and naturopathy. 

Deficiency in time led to an ill opportunity for Health Minister to respond to the concerns. However, when the Bill was discussed in the Upper House Shripad Yesso Naik, the Ministry of State for AYUSH had pointed out that the Bills had provisions for the Joint sittings of both the commissions with Yoga and Naturopathy and NMC. He also assured that the separate bill will be introduced for Yoga and Naturopathy. 

The Bill will now be presented before the President for his assent. 

About National Commission for Homoeopathy Bill 2019 

Formation of Commission at National Level. 

Function of Commission   

The Commission will work inter alia and will frame policies for regulating medical institutions for homeopathic medical professionals and assess the requirements of healthcare-related human resource. 

Members in the Commission 

The commission will consist of 20 members including 

  1. The Chairperson.
  2. The President of the Homoeopathy Education Board.
  3. The President of Medical Assessment and Rating Board for Homoeopathy.
  4. The DG of National Institute of Homoeopathy.
  5. Advisory and Joint Secretary of Homoeopathy in Ministry of AYUSH.
  6. Four members part-time elected by registered homeopathy practitioner.
  7. Six non-elected members including the Cabinet Secretary and three experts nominated by the Central Government.


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