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[COVID-19]: Price Limitation Introduced By The Government On Hand Sanitizers And Facial Masks

By LawStreet News Network      24 March, 2020 12:03 PM      0 Comments
COVID19 Price Limitation Introduced By The Government

In light of the rise of novel COVID-19, the government has introduced a limit on the Maximum Retail Price (MRP) of both hand sanitizers and facial masks till June 31, 2020. The cap is set to Rs. 100 for 200 ml of hand sanitizer and Rs. 8 for 2 ply (surgical) masks and Rs. 10 for 3 ply (surgical) masks.

The cap is introduced by Ram Vilas Paswan, Consumer Affairs Minister. He said in his statement that "The price cap has been imposed taking into account the sharp increase in prices of raw materials used in making of face masks and hand sanitizer,".

The government also categorised hand sanitizers and facial masks as ‘essential commodities’ to prevent hoarding and price manipulation of such goods. After the breakout of virus, the price of sanitizers has increased manifold.

Author- Aditi Dubey

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