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[Breaking] Centre Notifies Appointment of Nine New Judges To Five High Courts

Five High Courts Ministry of Law and Justice

Centre Appoints:

1. Basant Balaji As Additional Judge Of Kerala High Court.

2. Purushaindra Kumar Kaurav, Advocate General Of MP, As Judge Of Madhya Pradesh High Court

3. Nawneet Kumar Pandey & Shri Sunil Kumar Panwar to be Judges of the Patna High Court, in that order of Seniority, with effect from the date they assume charge of their respective offices.

4. Gautam Kumar Choudhary, Shri Ambuj Nath, Shri Navneet Kumar & Shri Sanjay Prasad to be judges of the Jharkhand High Court.

5. Deepak Kumar Tiwari as an additional judge of the Chhattisgarh High Court.


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