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National Commission for Women (NCW) Demands Action Against The Bhojpuri Singer For Singing a Song using Abusive Language Against Rhea Chakraborty

By RITIK JAIN      Aug 13, 2020      0 Comments      2,309 Views

The Chairperson of NCW, Rekha Sharma, demanded strict actions against the singer who had abused Rhea Chakraborty in a Bhojpuri Song. Rekha Sharma expressed her disappointment by saying that “even if the person is guilty, no one has the right to use such filthy language against someone and the law should take care of such acts.

Rekha Sharma demanded the arrest of the singer who abused Rhea in a Bhojpuri Song. In a tweet, she wrote that “This man Vikas must be arrested. Why can’t we let law enforcement agencies work when they are already investigating the case? Even if someone is guilty, no one has the right to use such filthy language against the person. Let the law take its course.” 

All of these things are happening because of the mysterious death of Bollywood Actor Sushant Singh Rajput, who was popularly known as ‘SSR’, and there are doubts relating to the death on Rhea Chakraborty, Karan Johar, Salman Khan, Sooraj Pancholi, even Aditya Thackrey and many big faces of Bollywood, Rekha added. She also told that even if you have doubts about someone, you cannot do these kinds of things to the person. 

Rekha Sharma added that not only Vikas but many other Bhojpuri singers and other regional singers are abusing Rhea and many other people like Salman Khan in their songs, which is not good. The comments section of the Song is also filled with all the hate comments like threats of murder, rape, and other misogynist and sexist comments.

Also, Rhea shared a screenshot on Instagram where she mentioned that “I was called a gold digger...I kept quiet. I was called a murderer... I kept quiet. I was slut-shamed .... I kept quiet. But how does my silence give you the right to tell me that you will get me RAPED and MURDERED if I don’t commit suicide @mannu_raaut? Do you realize the seriousness of what you have said? These are crimes, and by law no one, I repeat NO ONE should be subjected to this kind of toxicity and harassment. I request @cyber_crime_helpline @cybercrimeindia to please take the necessary action. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.” 

Rekha said that, while the CBI handles all the big profile cases, catch those people too who are posting such vulgar and obnoxious stuff against Rhea. 


About National Commission for Women (NCW): 

NCW is a statutory body under the Government of India, which was established in the year 1992, which aims to safeguard, protect, and promote the interests of women in India. The main objective of NCW is to represent the Rights of Women in India and provide them a voice for their issues and concerns. The subjects of their concerns include domestic violence, dowry, social abuse, politics, religion, equal representation for women in jobs, and exploitation of women for labor. The chairperson of this body is always a woman and the term is for 3 years. Till now, 8 women have been the chairperson of NCW. 

Statistics of Chairpersons of NCW: 

1st Chairperson: Jayanti Patnaik

Current Chairperson: Rekha Sharma

Longest Serving Chairperson: Girija Vyas (2 terms)

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