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Elizabeth Warren Apologizes To Native American Tribe

Elizabeth Warren Apologizes To Native American Tribe

Democratic senator Elizabeth Warren of White House has apologized to the Cherokee Nation after she took a DNA test when President Donald Trump who regularly calls her "Pocahontas" and claims she benefited in schools and the work force from minority status.

As per the results, Elizabeth Warren did have Native American DNA dating back six-10 generations.

But the test was controversial for Native Americans, for whom being part of a tribe is cultural and includes living under tribal laws, rather than simple genetic links.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump Jr., the president's son, said on Twitter: "How about apologizing to Americans and actual minorities she likely displaced in schools/jobs over the years with fake claims of minority status?"

Tweet by Donald Trump Jr
 Tweet by Donald Trump Jr.

US Senate's consumer protection champion, Elizabeth Warren became the most high-profile Democrat to throw her hat into the ring when she announced a presidential exploratory committee on December 31.


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