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Unemployed Son Sues Parents & Demands Maintenance Upon Failure to Secure a Job After Studying from Oxford

By Tanya Sehrawat      Mar 15, 2021      0 Comments      1,771 Views
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Faiz Siddiqui, 41 living in London is an unemployed student from Oxford University. He claims to not have been able to secure a job and therefore his parents must provide him maintenance. He has filed a case for the same. 

He is the son of Javed (71) and Rakshanda (69), who live in Dubai. Faiz holds a law degree from the prestigious Oxford University. He still has been unemployed for 10 years. He claims to have been trying really hard to get a job since 2011 but all efforts to waste. 

He said that his parents are his only support and must take his responsibility. 

Adduces Human Rights

He claims to have health problems and is in a vulnerable state. Therefore, not providing him maintenance would be a violation of his human rights. However, the Family Court rejected his appeal, after which he moved to the High Court. 

Justin Warshaw, the counsel representing his Parents claimed that Faiz has been living in his parents’ home in Hyde Park, Central London for the last 20 years. It can be valued around 10 crore rupees. He further said that from education to the present, his parents have been bearing his expenses all this while. Along with this, he receives 40 thousand rupees every week from his Parents as allowance. Monthly, he is given one and a half lakh rupees in order to clear his bills. 

Now, there has been a family fight, because of which his Parents do not want to make the same efforts since they have been troubled for quite some time. Therefore, demands of Faiz are not justified. 

Tried Suing Oxford University for Poor Education

Siddiqui pressed charges of poor education on Oxford University back in 2018 and wanted to claim Rs 10 crore as damages. He alleged that the standard of education in the university was not up to the mark and he thereby missed admission in a prestigious American law college. He had also cited his weak mental health in this case. However, even this case was dismissed by the Lower Court of London. 

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