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US Judge orders Trump administration to defend or postpone the ban on TikTok

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Donald Trump ordered the American firms to stop doing business with the Chinese app. He cited the reason that these apps threaten the economy and national security of the United States. He alleged that all the data of the Americans were flooded to the Chinese government.

Originally the ban was to take effect on September 20, but later the administration of Donald Trump asked the company to surrender its control to the US entity and thus the ban was postponed to November 12.

Not only this, the US-China relations came to a danger when after TikTok, Trump announced the ban of the most popular app WeChat, a video sharing application. This tit-for-tat situation between the two countries proved to be disastrous for the countries people.

The federal judge of the United Stated ordered Trump to postpone the ban of TikTok and its downloads or safeguard itself from the hearing brought by the Chinese owner of the video-sharing application in the court.

Trump replied that the retail giant and software firm is into talks to take the control of TikTok but its parent company will keep an 80 percent stake in the video-sharing platform organized differently by United States operations.




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