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Adult 'Girlfriends' are allowed to live together: Rampur Court

allowed to live together

A court in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh, permitted two adult girls who claimed to be in a relationship to live jointly.

As per police officials, the parents of the one of the women, a native of the district's Suar neighbourhood, had filed a police report alleging that their daughter had been gone for many days.

The girl was subsequently discovered living with her partner in the district's Shahabad neighbourhood.

When confronted by the officers, the two acknowledged to being in a "live in" relationship and that they won't live among their immediate parents.

'This was established that they (girls) had been living together for many days,' a police officer in Rampur said.

He claimed that the two girls' families were notified of their connection. Their family attempted all they could to convince the girls to end their relationship and come back home, but they refused.

Because both of individuals are adults, we would not have compelled them to just go home with their family, a senior Rampur police official said.

The girls were brought before a local magistrate, which after listening them, permitted them to live together, according to sources.


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