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Supreme Court bench to hear Gujarat Govt in the Covid Death Compensation case

By Lawstreet News Network Lawstreet News Network      Nov 22, 2021      0 Comments      3,280 Views
Covid Death Compensation case Supreme Court

Supreme Court bench led by Justice MR Shah to hear Gujarat Govt in the Covid Death Compensation case. SC had rapped the state for "overreaching directions" by constituting Scrutiny Committee to compensate COVID Deaths

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta: Let me propose a solution

Justice Shah: we don't want to know the reason why or how something has not been done

SG: Please have it on Friday

Justice Shah: now they have come out with a list of documents to be submitted to scrutiny committee. what are you saying ! show us the application form

SG: we will place it on record

Justice Shah: the officers have to come out with a solution. the scrutiny committee is continuing

SG: I am sorry to say this has been recorded in a idiotic way. I am sorry to say this

SC: Bring a new resolution

SG: Please have it on Friday

SG: I will sit with the responsible officers and take a call on the same. Let me examine this. let me examine

Justice Shah: take further instructions Mr Mehta. what is the amount paid till now?

SG: Subject to me talking with them, money should immediately go into their bank account

Justice Shah: ateast 10,000 person should get it else we will appoint Legal services authrity as ombudsman like in Gujarat earthquake

Justice Shah: friday or monday

SG: Monday.. basically i am a timid man..

Justice Shah: this matter is imp to me leading to our high blood pressure

Chief Secretary of Gujarat, Pankaj Kumar appears

SC: You are a seasoned officer, please discuss with SG Mehta and come back.

SC to SG: What about the other states and what is happening there?

SG Mehta to brief on other states as well on next date

SC:Having gone through the modified GR we are of  prima facie opinion that it requires further modification , at the request of SG Mehta put up on Nov 29, 2021. in the meantime atleast ex gratia compensation of Rs 50,000 can be paid to those whose particulars are avbl with govt

SG: Is the presence of Chief secretary needed in next hearing?

SC: It depends on the next modified order.

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