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'Officers with Cyber Expertise Should Probe Bed Allocation Scam': Karnataka High Court

Cyber Expertise Should Probe Bed Allocation Scam

On Wednesday (May 12, 2021), the Karnataka High Court ordered Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Sandeep Patil to file a report on the investigation conducted in the two first information reports (FIR) filed to investigate the alleged scam involving the allocation of hospital beds to COVID patients in Bangalore.

According to a division bench comprised of Chief Justice Abhay Oka and Justice Aravind Kumar, "it is necessary for the state to consider whether an investigation team consisting of officers with expertise in fields such as cyber crime are part of the special investigation team." It went on to say, "The state government will make a decision in this regard as soon as possible."

During the hearing, the bench stated orally that "Officers from the cyber cell should be included in the investigation. Data analysis by a professional is required."

The state government informed the court orally that so far eight people had been arrested ,and that the investigation is being overseen by an IPS officer in accordance with the order dated May 6.

The investigation was launched in response to an allegation made by BJP Bengaluru South MP Tejasvi Surya. Surya claimed that bribes are being paid to allocate COVID beds. He also claimed that this scam is being carried out by a group of BBMP officers, Arogya Mitras, and private agents. As a result, there was an artificial shortage of beds in the city.

After Advocate G R Mohan brought to the court's attention the two FIRs filed in the scam, the court directed the state government to file the probe report.


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