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Delhi High Court Constitutes a Committee to decide on the process of issuing digital degree certificates to Students [READ ORDER]

By VANDANA KOTHARI      05 August, 2020 08:07 PM      0 Comments
Delhi High Court Constitutes a Committee to decide on the process of issuing digital degree certificates to Students [READ ORDER]

A petition was filed on 22nd July, 2020 in which the Delhi University was supposed to make alternative arrangements for issuing degree, mark sheets and transcripts digitally in this COVID-19 pandemic long with digital signatures and security features. On 23rd July, 2020 DU was directed to place on record the mechanism/protocol devised for issuance of digital degree certificates and other documents.

Another petition was filed by the doctors who graduated their MBBS course in the year 2018-2019 from DU reflecting the struggle faced by them to get their original degree certificates released. The reason given by the Du for delay in issuance of certificates was non-availability of paper and the contract with the printer had expired.

This case was heard through video conferencing where the Dean of Examinations and the Joint Director, Delhi University Computer Centre (DUCC) were also requested to join. The DU filed an Affidavit in which the system adopted by DU for obtaining degree through online process was explained. First, the candidates needs to register on the online system and then login. Then he/she need to fill the required information and shall receive a confirmation email for the same. After they fill the required information the examination branch will verify it and will generate a soft copy of the degree with required signature of the competent authority. The digital certificate will be mailed to the candidate and will be verified digitally.

The name of the online portal was not specified and the portal also states that the certificate would be issued in person after a period of 15 days or 7 days from the date of submission of the applications, excluding Saturday, Sunday and gazetted holidays.

The court was not satisfied with the affidavit and said its exhibits lack of any arrangement for the issuance of digital certificate. There has been no application of mind and the purpose of digital degree certificates is defeated if the person has to come personally collect it. It is clear that despite giving sufficient time DU has not taken adequate steps to set up the process. 

In the view that all the petitioners has to register on the ECFMG platform and the deadline is 15th August 2020 the court constituted a committee including:

  1. Mr. Sarsij Kumar, Joint Director (M: 9650006723) and Mr.Zameem Ahmad Khan, Senior System Analyst (M: 9650006732) from the Delhi High Court IT team.
  2. Mr. Durgaprasad Dash, Additional General Manager, Nationale-Governance Division (NeGD), MEITY (M: 7735001000, Email ID:durga.dash01@gmail.com).
  3. Ajoy Agrawal, Senior Manager, Digilocker (M: 8527843466)
  4. Prasoon Kumar, Senior Manager, Digilocker (M:9971307379)
  5. Dr. Sanjeev Singh, Joint Director, Delhi University ComputerCentre (M:9212002844)

The committee constituted by the Single Judge Bench of Justice Pratibha M Singh will finalize the following:

  1. The online link on the DU portal where the students can put inapplications for issuance of their digital degree certificates.Alternatively, an e-mail address shall be provided where thePetitioners and similarly placed candidates can write an e-mail toobtain their degree certificates;
  2. The timeline after receipt of the said email for verification andissuance of the degree certificate with the digital signature;
  3. Template for the degree certificate to be issued by email;
  4. Official to be responsible for affixing the digital signature andissuance of the same;
  5. A sample degree certificate in favour of one of the Petitioners,duly signed with the digital signature, shall also be generated;
  6. Timelines for transmission of past data to Digilocker from DU;

The status of the report in this regard has to be submitted by August 7th.



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