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Delhi High Court Orders Internet Service Providers to block websites that are illegally streaming Disney cartoons

Delhi High Court Disney cartoons
The Delhi High Court has directed internet service providers to block 118 ‘rogue websites’ that are illegally streaming Disney cartoons.

A single bench of Justice Rajiv Shakdhar was hearing a lawsuit filed by Disney against digital piracy. In the said lawsuit, Disney had filed a plea in the Delhi High Court to protect their copyright, as some of its content was being illegally streamed by some websites.

Disney also pleaded that Internet Service Providers, Dept. of Telecommunication, and Ministry of Electronics should ensure that these websites are blocked from streaming the copyrighted content without a license.

After going through the facts, the court held that if the plaintiff is not protected, there will be irreparable damage to his commercial and statutory interest.

Providing relief to the plaintiff, the court passed the following instructions: “Rogue websites are prohibited in any way, including hosting, streamlining, reproduction, distribution, making available to the public and/or communicating to the public or providing in any way the same facility on their websites via the internet, on cinematography, any content programs and shows in which the plaintiff is copyrighted.”

The Delhi High Court has fixed September 1, 2020 as the date of the next hearing.




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