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Highways cannot be blocked perpetually due to Farmers Protest; Matter listed for next Monday: Supreme Court

Farmers Protest Supreme Court Blocked Highway

Monicca Agarwaal - road block due to farmers protest

Justice Kaul: What are you doing Mr Nataraj?

ASG Nataraj: We have convened a meeting which is in the affidvait.

Court: We have to lay down the law but you have to implement it.

SG: Yes the executive has to implement the law.

Justice Kaul: Mr SG on the lighter side, then you will say that judciary is encroaching upon the executive.

SG: When it is invited, then it is not encroachment.

SG: At a very high level, 3 member committee is constituted. We invited them to attend the meeting. However they did not join the meeting. My request is to join them as parties.

Court: If we encroach, then you may say that we have tresspassed on your domain. This has ramifications but there are grievances which are to be redressed.

But this cannot be a perpetual problem.

Court: Redressal can be through judicial forum agitation or parliamentary debates but how can highways be blocked and this cannot be a perpetual problem

Court: As far as petitioners are concerned, we have laid down the law. If you feel that someone is to be made a party, you will have to make a request.

SG: I am myself making an oral application.

Court: You file an application formally.


We have heard ld SG. In order to enable the SG to implead some parties, list it next Monday when the application is filed.


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