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“When Citizens are Pushed to Precipice, it is an Unexpendable Role of State to Control Profiteering by Anyone, Even Pvt. Hospitals": Kerala HC [READ ORDER]

By Nancy Goyal      May 01, 2021      0 Comments      1,205 Views
Kerala HC Role of State to Control Profiteering by Anyone

On Friday (April 30, 2021), the Kerala High Court announced that the state has an unexpandable role in controlling and containing the attempts of profiteer off the circumstances prevailing in the state. The Court also expressed that the state's parts in managing expenses require lawful and procedural challenges.

The matter was heard by a division bench of the Kerala high court comprising justice Devan Ramachandran and MR Anitha.

This petition was filed by Advocate Sabu Thomas demanding uniform Covid-19 treatment across all private hospitals, labs, diagnostic centers in the state. The Petitioner stated that in Kerala, private hospitals and testing centers are demanding high prices for diagnostic tests and treatment of covid 19.

The petitioner also stated government must take proper actions and remedial measures to control the exploitation by private hospitals in the treatment of covid 19 patients.

The petitioner further stated that, "It is the duty of the State Government that each citizen should be furnished with satisfactory treatment through Government Health Service or else assure the treatment through other private offices in the current fast spread of Covid-19 and inaccessibility of beds, ICU's and Oxygen supported beds and so on in the Government Hospitals”.

Taking the note of plea, state Attorney SV Sohan stated in the court that the State Government had also given an order a year ago dated July 6, 2020, managing the 3 expenses of treatment in private hospitals. These specifications apply in full force even as on date.

To this end, the court observed that,

We, thusly suspend this matter to be approached on 04.05.2021, for the State to come with their ideas in this matter, adverting to the particular contention of the petitioner that the circumstance today is indeed definitely graver than in July 2020, when the above-mentioned Government Order had been given”.

The court stated that This is not deja vu - what we are seeing today is explained by the specialists to be the 'second wave of the COVID19 pandemic.

It Court also stated that,

At the point when the pandemic previously hit us, a feeling of anamorphic confusion and brooding uncertainty happened to us. Normal and hardworking people were conflicted between the social and emotional fallout of distancing norms and lockdowns, on one hand, and by the horrifying heap of medical treatment costs on the other, which encouraged various States to bring out notices/orders covering and managing last year."

The matter will be heard next on 4 May 2021.



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