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The SC hearing a petition seeking cancellation of NEET UG 2021 exams and fresh exams [Live Updates]

NEET Paper Leak Supreme Court seeking cancellation

NEET Paper Leak:

Adv Pardeep Gupta, Adv Mamta Sharma and Adv Ninad Dogra for the aspirants

Adv Dogra: The NEET UG was held on Sept 12

SC: What sort of WP have been filed ? Lakhs of people have taken the exam. When people come to you to file the petitions, don’t you think that we’ll dismiss them with costs ? You now want to cancel the entire exam ?

SC to Adv Dogra: Yes we’ll hear you. Then we’ll specially deal with you.

Adv Dogra points out to the multiple FIR’s that have been registered. He also points out to the SC judgement of Tanvi Sabharwal.

SC: Yes we had also laid down lakhs of people will suffer.

Adv Dogra: CBI registered FIR & papers were leaked on watsapp. One student got the answers while he was in the exam hall.

ORDER :The petitioner seeks setting aside the NEET UG Exam & direct NTA to conduct the exam afresh. The basis is that CBI has registered 3 FIR’s wherein it has stated that there has been impersonation of the candidates.

ORDER: Counsel submits that there have been reports in the press of NEET 2021 papers being leaked. As the same was not conducted in fair & transparent manner. Leaking of paper & cancellation of exam cannot be at cost of lakhs of students. WP is dismissed with cost of 5 lakh.

Petitioner is warned not to file such petitioners.

SC to Adv Dogra: You know that the court will not cancel the exam in which 7.5 lakh people have taken the exam. This exam was conducted nationally & not locally.


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