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Representing Case Sitting in Stationed Car in 'a Casual Manner' Amounts to Disrespecting Court Proceedings: Madras High Court

Representing Case Sitting in Stationed Car in 'a Casual Manner' Amounts to Disrespecting Court Proceedings: Madras High Court
While noting that a Lawyer appeared for a virtual hearing from a stationed car and "in a casual manner", the Madras High Court on Wednesday ( February 3, 2021) expressed its displeasure at Lawyer's conduct.

In related news, the Delhi High Court on Thursday (February 4, 2021) had said that it is "simply shocking" that advocates are arguing or attending matters through video-conferencing while being on "roads, sitting in parks and even running up on stairs", making it difficult for the court to conduct proceedings as are not audible properly.

Furthermore, Calcutta High Court had also initiated suo motu contempt action against an advocate-on-record for posting on 'LinkedIn' a screenshot of the virtual court hearing of the day when a favorable interim order was passed by the Single Judge while calling for affidavits.

The counsel for the petitioner was directed to file an affidavit on February 4, 2021 and appear in person before the Court and thereafter, the matter was posted for physical hearing on February 4, 2021.

Similarly, the Rajasthan High Court once adjourned a Bail plea on account of inappropriately dressed counsel in a "baniyan" (undervest) during the Video conference hearing.

"The learned counsel for the petitioner, by sitting in a stationed car in a casual manner, representing the case, which is impermissible in view of the Video-Conferencing Rules notified by the High Court," the Court had said.

In the month of June, the Supreme Court had also accepted the apology of an advocate who had made an appearance before the Court, whilst lying on the bed dressed in a T-shirt, and emphasized on the need to maintain minimum court etiquette during court video hearings.

At the same time, the Karnataka High Court had similarly slammed an advocate who was participating in the video conference proceedings while sitting inside a car. It was observed by the Calcutta High Court that taking a screenshot of the virtual court proceedings is akin to clicking a photograph of an actual court proceeding. 500/- before the Registry of this High Court on or before the next date of hearing, failing which the matter shall not be taken up for hearing. Inter Alia, there have been incidents where Advocates appear for a virtual court in inappropriate dresses.

"This Court is not inclined to take up the matter today looking to the conduct of the applicant-accused No.1, Ajit Kubhabhai Gohil, who was present before the Court through video conferencing, was spitting openly", the court had stated.

Recently, the Orissa High Court had also condemned the practice of lawyers arguing cases through VC from inside vehicles, gardens & while eating etc.


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