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Live Updates Road Block Due To Farmers Protest - LIVE UPDATES

Road Block Due To Farmers Protest

Sep 30, 2021

Court: Redressal can be through judicial forum agitation or parliamentary debates but how can highways be blocked and this cannot be a perpetual problem

Court: As far as petitioners are concerned, we have laid down the law. If you feel that someone is to be made a party, you will have to make a request.

SG: I am myself making an oral application.

Court: You file an application formally.

We have heard ld SG. In order to enable the SG to implead some parties, list it next Monday when the application is filed.

Sep 30, 2021

Court: If we encroach, then you may say that we have tresspassed on your domain. This has ramifications but there are grievances which are to be redressed.

But this cannot be a perpetual problem.

Monicca Agarwaal - road block due to farmers protest

Justice Kaul: What are you doing Mr Nataraj?

ASG Nataraj: We have convened a meeting which is in the affidvait.

Court: We have to lay down the law but you have to implement it.

SG: Yes the executive has to implement the law.

Justice Kaul: Mr SG on the lighter side, then you will say that judciary is encroaching upon the executive.

SG: When it is invited, then it is not encroachment.

SG: At a very high level, 3 member committee is constituted. We invited them to attend the meeting. However they did not join the meeting. My request is to join them as parties.


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