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SC hearing plea challenging Madras HC judgment quashing 10.5% internal quota for vanniyars

SC hearing plea challenging Madras HC judgment quashing 10.5% internal quota for vanniyars

Supreme Court to shortly to hear plea challenging Madras High Court judgment quashing 10.5% internal quota for vanniyars in the total 20% quota to Most Backward Castes.

Sr.Adv Manu Singhvi: Your lordships in Indra Sahni recognises that Sub-division is different.

Justice LNR: Please advance your arguments on the competence.

Dr.Singhvi appears for government of Tamil Nadu.

Justice LNR: We will issue notice.

Dr.Singhvi: Ongoing admission subject to the outcome of this petition.

Dushyant Dave, sr.adv: the new act only sub classifies the 69% judgment. HC should not have interfered

P.Wilson, Sr.Adv: 75000 students have been admitted.

Gopal Shankaranarayanan,Sr.Adv: They have not taken further steps after the impugned judgment. They should not take shelter of the court’s order. State has not filed appeals against all the parties.

Nagamuthu, Sr.Adv: No admission has been made in agriculture, engineering. They have taken place only arts colleges.

Justice LNR: We are not staying, we are only thinking of an interim arrangement. We will give a date in feb and hear it at length

Justice LNR: We will permit filing of IAs only if there are no repetition. We will not be able to hear the matter, if we keep listing IAs and hearing them.

Justice LNR: We just need one compilation from each side.


Issue notice, list on 15th of Feb 2022. In the meanwhile, Mr.Varun Chopra, D.Kumaran and Mr.Parthiban are requested to prepare a compilation of all the pleadings including a written note of submissions.

The compilation shall be circulated by 10th Feb. In view of the importance and implication of the matters, we make it clear that no adjournment. In the meanwhile the interim order passed by HC on 25.08.2021 shall continue. Appoints already made shall not be disturbed.

No admissions and appointment shall be made till 15th Feb.


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