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SC hearing on pleas filed by Women army officer denied Permanant commission in the Army.

By Lawstreet News Network Lawstreet News Network      Oct 01, 2021      0 Comments      2,809 Views
Women army officer denied Permanant commission

Sr adv V Mohana -- the defence min order has been declassified. They were not even taken into consideration. It's very unfair and very humiliating for these officers.

ASG Sanjay Jain-- on the last hearing the results had not been declassified, we were waiting for instructions. If 72 officers have been found unfit for PC, there have to be reasons. We have tried to gather from the Def min what happened- the decisions have been taken independently. We will ask the Ministry to place the 72 files before us so we can look into the issue. If 72 rejections are there there must be 72 reasons. Cannot have blanket reason.

Se adv Meenakshi Arora-- the SC judgemnt clearly said If we score above 60% they will be granted PC as long as they are medically fit and there is no negative intelligence report

Even if there were any negative marking, that would have been reflected in the marks. How have we been rejected when we all have above 60% marks?

Yesterday's order says we will all be relieved from service.

I request the SC to stay this decision.

They have evolved a new criteria where they write someone is "unfit". What is the criteria for "unfit"? We don't know.

ASG-- when we learned about these petitions we have tried to find out what has been done.
We believe they are following the SC policy

SC-- in the meantime don't relieve these officers from Service.

Adv Col. R Balasubramaniam-- no one is being relieved from service till November. We will look into it.

Adv ahmadi-- the SC judgemtn was clear that anyone with 60% marks would be given PC depending on medical and clearance. How have they issued relieving orders!

SC - mr ASG you check the files and give us a chart of who has been rejected and for what reasons.

Adv Sudhanshu Pandey--the Def min and the army did not show any other reason for rejection of PC when the judgement was passed.

Hearing now next Friday. 
Office of Additional Solicitor general and Defence ministry lawyer will submit detailed Affidavit explaining the position.

The women officers will not be released from Service before next hearing

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