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BCD Elections: Adv. Himal Akhtar has taken a huge leap

In the ongoing vote-counting of the Bar Council of Delhi elections, Adv. Himal Akhtar has taken a huge leap by stepping on to the 11th position with 991 votes as per the list released on April 9th, 2018.

Further, as per the list, the top five members who have already been elected are Adv. Ajayinder Sangwan, Adv Murari Tiwari, Adv. Nitin Ahlawat, Adv. Rajiv Kumar Khosla and Adv. Piyush Gupta respectively with all receiving 1168 votes.

As days are passing the BCD Electionsare getting more interesting and competitive. Stay tuned with, LawStreet Journal to know more about who is winning and who is losing in the BCD elections.


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