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BCD Elections: Adv. Nitin Ahlawat gaining a lot of ground

In the ongoingvote-counting of the Bar Council of Delhielections, some of the candidates are gaining a lot of ground.

One such candidate is Adv. Nitin Ahlawat, who has stepped onto the 4th position with 450 votes on March 26th, 2018. Earlier as per the list of the fifth day of vote-counting he was in the 6th position with 246 votes.

Adv. Ajayinder Sangwan is still holding onto the first position with 735 votes. Followed by Adv. Murari Tiwari with 538 votes and Adv. Piyush Gupta with 496 votes.

Stay tuned with, LawStreet Journalto know more about who is winning and who is losing in the BCD elections.


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