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BCI Extends Deadline to Furnish Details of Advocated Registered with District Bar Associations Till November 15,2020 [Read Order]

By Parul Singhal      01 October, 2020 07:15 PM      0 Comments
BCI Extends Deadline to Furnish Details of Advocated Registered with District Bar Associations Till November 15,2020

Bar Council of India has further extended the deadline for submission of details of advocates enrolled with all State Bar Councils in India across the country till November 15, 2020.

Earlier, the period was extended till November, 30, but after the general meeting held on 28.09.2020, through video conferencing, the council has considered the requests received from various quarters including various Bar Associations and State Bar Councils to extend the last date for furnishing the information as per the format required by the e-Committee of the Supreme Court of India. 

Before this, on July 24, 2020, the President and the Secretaries were asked to submit all the details of the advocates registered under the respective Bar Associations in the format prescribed by the Supreme Court, via email within 15 days. But, due to problems faced because of the outbreak of the Pandemic, the time was extended. 

“After consideration, the General Council of the Bar Council of India, as a last and final opportunity, has resolved to extend the late date for submission of the details of every practicing Advocate of the country sought as per the requirement of the e-Committee of the Supreme Court India, till 15th November 2020.”

The exercise is mandatory and Advocates who fail to furnish the requisite information within the prescribed time to their respective Bar Association shall be treated as “Non-Practicing Advocates by the Council. 

“No further extensions will be granted and any Advocate or Bar Association who/which does not cooperate in the endeavor shall be dealt with firmly”, stated in the letter. 


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