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COVID-19 Update: Many Staff Members Test Positive, SC Moves to Virtual Mode – Cases to be Heard from Home

Many Staff Members Test Positive
In the wake of many staff members of the Court testing positive for the novel coronavirus, the Supreme Court has decided to switch to virtual mode. The Judges will hear the cases from home. 

As the cases in the capital are on a rise, the courtrooms along with the entire Court premise are being sanitised. Circulars have been issued by the Court about the same.

One of the circulars issued deciphers the change in time for the benches. The Benches will sit at 11:30 am in contrary to the previously scheduled time of 10:30 am, and those that were supposed to sit at 11:30 am will now sit at noon. 

Along with this, physical mentioning before the Mentioning Registrar has also been suspended. However, mentioning of matter through video conferencing is going to continue. 

As the second wave has engulfed the nation, it has been more so severe in Delhi. For the first time since the start of the pandemic, Delhi recorded 10,774 cases with 48 deaths. Analysing the situation, Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister issued a warning of a possible lockdown if the hospitals fall short of COVID beds. 

Lastly, the month of April has recorded 60,000 new cases so far. 


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