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DHCBA Elections: Focusing On The Problems Of Young Lawyers

DHCBA Elections: Focusing On The Problems Of Young Lawyers
Ahead of the Delhi High Court Bar Association (DHCBA) elections that are soon going to be held, the Young lawyers of Delhi are hanging on the hope that this year’s election would bring host of candidates who would acknowledge the continuous struggle that they go through after entering the world of legal practice. The world which is full of unremitting challenges and insurmountable barriers.

It is an incontrovertible reality that the present age young lawyers need to sweat and slave to climb up the ladder of success. Though some of them scramble their way to the top, however, most surrender to the struggle and choose to opt for a corporate job.

Young lawyers are sullenly discontented by every conceivable standard. The situation gets worse for those, who belong to family of modest means and are not related to or referred by a celebrated lawyer or a judge.

It is understandable that practicing the profession of law is not an easy job to bear with as it requires time, focus, patience, uphill struggle and determination to transform into a full-fledged advocate. However, at present the young lawyers are confronting myriad of preventable and unreasonable challenges, the most prominent among those are lack of placements and dearth or absence of financial support.

Bringing into the spotlight these two challenges, eminent advocate Nikhil Mehta, standing for the post of Member Executive in the forthcoming DHCBA elections said that “there is a need to address these issues with a concrete and effective mechanism. Providing financial assistance and enough placements to young lawyers would ensure their growth in the legal profession. ”

Apart from delving into the issues of young lawyers, Mr. Mehta also talked about other measures to improve the working conditions of the lawyers such as provision of medical insurance, Wi-Fi & boosters in the High Court for better network, Kiosk food joints and an appropriate place to effectively work. Determined to work towards these ends, Mr. Mehta said: “Being a part of this noble fraternity, I shall, as always, stand firm with the esteemed DHCBA. Let us make our Bar & our association an enviable work full with bonhomie and harmony.”


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