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Maharashtra To Make Food Adulteration Punishable With Life-Term

Maharashtra To Make Food Adulteration Punishable With Life-Term

The Maharashtra government on Thursday i.e., November 22, 2018, said it would make food adulteration a non-bailable offence and provide for life-term to the offenders.

Food and Civil Supplies Minister Girish Bapat informed the Legislative Council that the government would amend the existing law, to provide for life imprisonment to offenders.

The Minister said amendments to the Prevention of Food Adulteration (Maharashtra Amendment) Act, 1969, will be tabled in the house before the end of the winter session.

Further, responding to a calling-attention notice by Congress MLA Bhai Jagtap, the Minister said that the government was aware of the consequences of food adulteration and is committed to stop the malpractice.

Mr. Jagtap said milk processing companies collect milk from farmers but the liquid turns “poisonous” by the time it reaches consumers.

“Substances like detergent powder, urea, skimmed milk powder, caustic soda, glucose, refined oil, salt and starch are mixed in milk to preserve it, thereby endangering lives of people who consume it,” Mr. Jagtap added.

Presently, the offence of food adulteration is punishable with six months of imprisonment.


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