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MPs To Get Tutorials On Laws By Experts Before They Vote On Them

MPs To Get Tutorials On Laws By Experts Before They Vote On Them

In a significant move, India’s lawmakers will now get tutorials on proposed laws before they vote on them, the Print reported.

As per the report, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla has decided to involve domain experts to explain the provisions of proposed legislations to Members of Parliament (MPs) before they vote on them this would enable lawmakers to have an informed debate on proposed laws and make meaningful interventions during debates in the Lower House.

As it is, lawmakers pass laws but often without applying too much mind to them. Even if some MPs do understand the implications of a Bill and happen to have reservations against it partly or wholly, they must follow party lines at the time of voting.

Talking to the reporters, Om Birla told them on August 10, 2019, that the “Experts will brief MPs from 9 am to 10 am every day about the Bills.”

Discussing his move with ThePrint, he explained that the Business Advisory Committee (BAC) of the Lok Sabha would know about the Bills that would be introduced in the House on a particular day. Accordingly, domain experts would be identified and invited to lecture the MPs about the salient features and implications of a proposed legislation.


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