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Lawyer uses ChatGPT to meet deadlines, here's what happened next

By LAWSTREET NEWS NETWORK      Nov 23, 2023      0 Comments
Lawyer uses ChatGPT to meet deadlines, here's what happened next

New Delhi: Using artificial intelligence like ChatGPT has become a straightforward process. However, the question arises—should they be used to simplify work or meet deadlines? Well, considering Zachariah Crabill’s case, the answer should be no, but it deserves discourse.

Unable to deal with work pressures and approaching deadlines, a young lawyer Zachariah Crabill used ChatGPT to make things easier. However, the AI tool created some fake scenarios, which resulted in the removal of the lawyer from his law firm.

Crabill, a 29-year-old lawyer previously employed at Baker Law Group, got axed from his job this summer for relying on OpenAI's ChatGPT during work hours, as per Business Insider.

According to the media reports, after ChatGPT drafted the motion, Crabill submitted it to his boss and then filed it with the Colorado court. However, he missed a crucial step: verifying the AI's work. His joy turned into horror when he realized that ChatGPT had concocted fake references to lawsuits in the document.

Crabill's case isn't the only instance where lawyers using AI caused issues. In June, a New York law firm got fined $5,000 because one of its lawyers used ChatGPT to draft a court brief citing non-existent cases and opinions.

However, despite losing his job, Crabill still believes in AI's potential to boost lawyers' efficiency. He even started his own company using AI for legal services, comparing his use of ChatGPT to how most people use Google at work.

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