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[Editor's Opinion] Error 404 Article 19 Not Found : To safeguard your right to internet Amit Shah Inaugurates Cyber Crime Co-ordination Centre

By Harshvardhan Sharma      Jan 10, 2020      0 Comments
[Editor's Opinion] Error 404 Article 19 Not Found : To safeguard your right to internet Amit Shah Inaugurates Cyber Crime Co-ordination Centre

The Minister of Home Affairs for India, Amit Shah has inaugurated the Indian Cyber Crime Co-ordination Centre (I4C) today (January 10, 2020) which will be functioning under the Ministry of Home Affairs for the country. 

Amit Shah through his official Facebook handle said, “I4C will be very helpful in combating cyber-crime in our country in a coordinated and effective manner. I4C is a 7 pronged scheme to fight cyber-crime which includes cyber-crime reporting portal, analysis of threats, capacity building, research and innovation, creating an ecosystem for cyber-crime management and joint cyber-crime investigation platform for law enforcement agencies.”

Cyber-crimes will now be directly dealt with by the Minister of Home Affairs, headed by Amit Shah, who will through this new development directly monitor the activities of mischievous elements spreading doctored photos and videos on social media. Brainwashed students in the country who’ve been virtually graduating from the WhatsApp/Facebook Universities which gives them a fake degree in incomplete knowledge of unverified facts, will be curbed through this development.

India is the first country in the world where Internet was banned as soon as a law and order situation would arise. After 160 days of internet ban in Kashmir, the Supreme Court today (January 10, 2020) has pronounced a judgment saying right to internet access is a fundamental right intrinsic in Article 19 of the Constitution of India, 1949 as a subset of freedom of speech and expression. The Government which had propagated the fact that internet ban could not be challenged in the court of law has bowed down in front of the Supreme Court’s pronouncement saying that every order of banning internet shall be properly published and be subject to judicial review.

Because right of access to internet has become a fundamental right there is an increased probability of abuse of the same to spread fake and politically inspired propaganda. But the Centre has not given up yet. They have found a new way to mold the legal scenario according to their whims. 

Additionally, the Minister has also launched the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal for the citizens of the nation who will now be able to report any kind of cyber-crime irrespective of the place of occurrence. 


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