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World IP Day: ‘REACH FOR GOLD: IP and sports’

By Advocate Jaya Bhatnagar Advocate Jaya Bhatnagar      May 09, 2019      0 Comments      1,357 Views

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is dedicated to globally cultivate a progressive International Intellectual Property system. To bridge the gap between IP practitioners and common masses, an annual World Intellectual Property Day is observed each year on 26th April. This day is celebrated world over where IP practitioners and officials interact with inventors and enterprises to discuss the contribution of IP on the flourishing innovations that essentially shape our world and improve living in many aspects.

WIPO plays a key role in organizing World IP Day. Many activities, events and campaigns are focussed on World IP Day each year to increase awareness of IP system.

The theme for this year World IP day was “REACH FOR GOLD: IP and sports”.

Sports industry is a multi-billion dollar industry generating investment. The industry witnesses significant growth globally. Besides providing entertainment, it is also a source of employment.

The Inter relationship between Sports and Intellectual property is “in action”. Sports businesses encompass different IP rights to foster development of sports materials ranging from equipment to dresses, entertainment, media and athletes. Technological inventions involved in the manufacturing of sports equipment are covered under Patents. The trademarks help in the branding of sports goods and related services whereas design contributes towards the aesthetic appearance of sports dresses and equipment.

This relationship extends to sports personalities who generate revenue through sponsorship deals with brand owners and in turn leverage their brands.

The broadcasting right falls within the purview of Copyright and encourages the relationship between sport and television and other social media.

The theme “REACH FOR GOLD: IP and sports” creates an inter-relationship between IP and sports and the need for protection of IP rights in sports industry world over.

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