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Rape Accused Daati Maharaj: Victim was like my Daughter

The self-styledGodman Daati Maharaj who was charged for sexually assaulting his disciple said that the complainant was like his daughter, and have assured cooperation in the investigation.

The godman also stated that he would not blame the complainant even if he is executed for the crime.

Daati Maharaj stated that "I won't put any allegations on that girl because she was my daughter and will continue to be that. Even if I am hanged, I won't put allegations on her. If I have done anything wrong, then the legal authorities will look into that. I will fully cooperate in the investigation."

Maharaj's comment comes after the crime branch of the Delhi Police on Wednesday recorded the statement of the victim that she was raped repeatedly at Gurukul Ashwasan in Rajasthan's Bal Gram and initiated the process to issue a lookout circular against Daati Maharaj.

The woman registered a case in Fatehpur Beri police station on Sunday, June 10th 2018. It was later transferred to the District Investigation Unit (DIU).

Daati Maharaj has been booked under Indian Penal Codesections - 376, 377, 354and 34.


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